La Nuit Exclusive Interview: Le Youth

Wes James is a Los Angeles based DJ/Producer who makes music that is extremely lively and unbelievably addicting. Le Youth has a handful of originals and has remixed songs for major acts such as GoldroomMoon Boots, & Russ Chimes. His remix of “Plus One Minus One” by The Hint as well as his own original “Dance with me” have been coined “groovy summer disco staples” in which he has been gaining a lot of recognition for. 

If you’re not familiar, sit back, grab a cold one, and get acquainted because I had the chance to interview Wes and get the inside scoop on what molds “Le Youth.” 

And as a bonus, Le Youth was kind enough to put together his first ever exclusive mix (And it is oh, so sexy).

So, Ladies and gentleman with no further ado, I present to you….Le Youth.

La Nuit:Where are you from & how has that influenced your music? 

Le Youth: I’m originally from Toledo, Ohio but moved to Los Angeles a few years ago. As far as influence goes, I toured a lot with my band and friend’s bands and that was always great for motivation. There’s nothing like spending a month in a van to make you want to get home, get in the studio and write. I think early on, I was influenced by the idea that music could get me out of Ohio. I used to dream about living in LA. Now that I live here, I’m inspired by all the talent around me.

La Nuit: How did you start getting into production? Were you involved in other music projects prior to Le Youth?

Le Youth: Yea, I started playing drums in a band when I was really young. After high-school I moved to Seattle, Washington with my girlfriend at the time. I got a job selling records at this lame department store. This guy I worked with was really into electronic music and at that time I knew nothing about it. He showed me how to make music with synths, drum machines and sequencers. I was super into it. He had a dj/producer project called Sporadik. I think they’re still around. Then, I moved back to Ohio, toured a bit with some friend’s bands and started writing my own stuff. I found some people to help me play the songs live and started touring. I got signed to a record label, recorded an album and was on the road for the next few years. Soon after that, I started doing the Le Youth stuff.

La Nuit: How would you describe your sound?

Le Youth: [laughing] I just call it dance music. All the genres confuse me.

La Nuit: You recently dropped your new summer jam “Dance with Me” and remix for “Plus One, Minus One” by The Hint, how has that been working out for you?

Le Youth: I think they’re both doing really well! “Dance with Me” almost didn’t happen. My girlfriend wasn’t really into it, but she could never figure out why, which drove me crazy. I put it aside for a few weeks, then came at it with a new perspective and finished it. I think she likes it now  [laughing]. 

La Nuit: You’re co-headlining an event with The Phantom’s Revenge May 26th 2012 at La Cita, How do you feel about that?

Le Youth:  Super excited. Any excuse to play music at a party is cool with me.

La Nuit:  What is your dream country/city to perform in?

Le Youth: Amsterdam.

La Nuit: Do you like surfing or skating?

Le Youth: I skateboarded for years. I still get out the board on occasion but nothing crazy like I used to. I mostly get satisfaction from the feeling of just riding. I’ll skate forever, there’s nothing like it, it’s meditative, like a way for me to reconnect. I never want to lose that feeling. I have an English Bulldog that my friend and I taught how to skate. He’s obsessed with it. He skates more than I do.

La Nuit: What are your top 5 tracks at the moment?

Le Youth:  
The first that come to mind are: 

Moon Boots - Aretha (Zimmer Remix 
Foreign Friends - Wrong Moves (Futurewife Remix)
Poolside - Do You Believe
Niki and The Dove - Mother Protect (Goldroom Remix)
Only Children - Down Fever

La Nuit: What are 5 artists you would recommend we look out for?

Le Youth: 
Isaac Tichauer, Venice Beach, Futurewife, Romans, Monitor 66.

La Nuit: What are your top 5 eating spots in L.a?

Le Youth: 
Lucifers, Folliero’s, Stout, Wurstkuche, and In-n-Out.

La Nuit: What does the year of 2012 hold for Le Youth?

Le Youth:  More music. More shows.

La Nuit: Any last words?

Le Youth:  Just want to thank the La Nuit guys for throwing rad parties.

Don’t forget to catch Le Youth at our next event.

Mad Love,

-The La Nuit Crew 

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